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Stunning Movies

Gutzeit Media makes stunning shots with a high amount of professionell gear. Dolly, Steady, or Crane shots are now problem for our team to realize


The perfect staging of image starts with the right composition. Color correction is only a small part of the 100% look. We believe that a good film results automatically with an interplay of cut and movement form camera.


To provide the best looking image we got a HighDef camera. Our goal is always to be excellent in what we do. To achieve the perfect picture is a good equipment the foundation.



Audi Sport / Ischgl

Daniela Menke

Daniela Menke


Katja Kupke

Katja Kupke




Hammermichel Song

Rüdiger Schima

Rüdiger Schima

Ich muss verrückt sein dich zu lieben / Amor / Ein Wind weht nach Süden

Rüdiger Schima & Larissa Strogoff

Rüdiger Schima & Larissa Strogoff


Oliver Bernd

Oliver Bernd

Nur weil es dich für mich gibt

Daniela Menke

Daniela Menke

Remember me...

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  • Unlimeted color modes for grading
  • All types of cameramovement realisable
  • Equipment + Knowledge howto use
  • RAW Video recording for best pictures
  • Multiple lenses
  • Unlimited colors & layouts
  • HighDef video
  • Fast and easy communication
  • Flexible in any way
  • High range of cinematography tricks
  • Instant reply while a shooting phase
  • Full production equipment, you dont need anything
  • Family owned buisness
  • Fair and friendly
  • Various types of developer knowledge
  • Tons of codecs for video
  • Huge libary of effects
  • Format encoding for you
  • Stored RAW material up to 5 years after final mix
  • Nerds at work
  • Full digital workflow
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It is great to see something creative from the outset. Once it starts to grow and to take shape I'm in my world. In the end everything is the same. It's all wonderful!

Gerrit GutzeitFounder

Give me the problem and caffeine, I give you the code.

Jakob "JJ" WedemeyerDeveloper

Cooparation with Gutzeit Records

Video and audio are to be joined. But you can only focus on one area. Partners are as indispensable. Therefore Gutzeit Records is involved in every film.

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Own youtube channel for uploading

If you are not experienced with youtube and their systems, we help you. We have a channel for your videos, or place which specifically to for you!

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Wanna know more about us

Wanna see the face behind the scenes? Just click the link below to go to the “About us” page.

About us

Using the “right” systems

Basically we work cross platform, but when it comes to choosing our environment, then we prefer OSX.

Brilliant Quality

We convince with quality since the first hours.

Terms and conditions

If we say a price, it is the price! We dont hide costs before a shoot, we just say what we want and what you get. It’s that simple.

On the biggest plattform

We publish many of our works on YouTube, because we think that is right and good.

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